Clearwater Kansas Recreation Commission

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1. A recreation program is for everyone, which includes children, youth, and adults.
2. Opportunities and programs are available twelve months out of the year.
3. To have a total planned program there are more than just athletic activities; but
games, music, arts and crafts, drama, cultural and social activities should be included.
4. Cooperation with public and voluntary agencies including civic, religious, social and groups, which have recreation interests and resources.
5. The local planning boards, city council, board of education, and the recreation commission should cooperate in long-range planning for the acquisition,development,
and use of recreation facilities.
6. To utilize the potential volunteer services of individuals and groups. Persons with
skills in recreational activities, leadership ability, and talents of various types should
 be encouraged to make themselves available on a volunteer basis.
7. Recreation services should be evaluated continuously in terms of their contributions toward enriching individual and community life.